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Robin Hood in action with The Mad DogsEquipment & Gear in use by The Mad Dogs
The Mad Dogs have had excellent responses to our personal reviews and ratings section of products & services we personally use. Unlike many magazines, we don’t rely on advertising revenue from the same companies whose products we are reviewing. It is difficult for magazines to offer non-biased, honest and hard-hitting reviews about a product when the company spends thousands of dollars on full-page color ads.

Many times boat owners chuckle when they recite the well-known saying “Boating is the joy of performing maintenance and repairs in exotic location!”. For such a statement to be so well entrenched in the boating way of life is a very sad statement on the state of the marine industry but also in the world of consumer goods.

Details of our current equipment
  The Mad Dog's favourite products!
  Equipment and Gear related to boating
  Electronics, Communications, Power generating, Comfort & other
  Galley related equipment
Sail yacht CR 400DS by CR Yachts of Sweden
  Diving gear on
  Utility related equipment

Products currently needing repairs
  ITR diesel water heater

Products currently being replaced
Lewmar V3 windlass & Lewmar windlass remote control

Buyer Alert
  Flashing Solar LED light from ECO Safety Lights in Chicago / Ratings: Junk status!
This vendor ships defective merchandise!

LED lights by Dr. LED / Ratings: Junk status!
How we rate the products & services we use

Product ratings & reviews are based entirely on our own experiences, opinions and on the products we have purchased or acquired. We make every effort to pass honest, non-biased reviews and opinions. In our opinion, and to provide valuable information to our visitors, the reviews and ratings page is not the place to voice a grudge or exploit a vendetta.

Issues happen in manufacturing, products are not always 100% perfect, customers are not always dealt with according to company policy - these things are a fact of life. If we have reviewed or rated your company, your product or your services and you feel our judgment is not in keeping with your policies please let us know.

Making things right
The ratings can be "upgraded" and reviews amended simply by resolving the issues to a mutually satisfactory solution by replacement or repair. We allow all of our product or service providers to "make things right" and if we are satisfied that this is how you intended to treat your customers we will "make things right" on our end as well.
Snake Oil glass bottles on
Rating Explanation
●●●●● Very good, reliable product and company
●●●● Good product but could use improvement (Product &/or supplier)
●●●●● Would not consider this product unless changes were made (Product &/or supplier)
●●●●● Would not consider this product in the future (Product &/or supplier)
●●●● Warning! We have experienced serious issues with this item or service.
We will not buy this product again nor purchase from this manufacturer/dealer again!
N/A This item has not been evaluated by The Mad Dogs


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